VAT Refund and Expense Types

Subject to the different regulations and VAT rates, which vary from country to country, a US company can receive a VAT Refund on business Travel & Expenses and Accounts Payable.

Expenses include hotels, restaurants, car rental, fuel, conferences, import and export fees, legal fees and other international expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

VAT Refund

What is VAT?

The United States has a sales tax system, however other countries have a Value Added Tax (VAT) system. What is VAT?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax, which ranges between 8 – 25%, that is levied on both goods and services in most international countries.The national tax systems of Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Australia allow for a refund of VAT – Tax to most non-resident business entities worldwide. In most cases, US companies should be eligible for a VAT refund for business done internationally.

VAT rates and regulations differ for each expense type, and from country to country. Below is an illustration of a US company that paid for a conference for its employees in England:

Purchase of UK conference tickets
XYZ Conference
€ 100,000.00
20% VAT
Total paid to XYZ Conference

Global VaTax would apply for a 20,000 VAT refund for the US company with the UK tax authorities and convert the reclaim into $ and wire the refund, minus our fees.

What are our fees?
Global VaTax does not charge upfront fees of any sort. If you do not get a refund, we do not charge you anything. We only keep a percentage of your VAT reclaim.
Who is entitled to a refund?
If your company provides services to business clients in countries other than your own or has expenses internationally with VAT on invoices, you are likely eligible to claim a VAT refund. This includes VAT – Tax invoices in UK, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Canada and Australia. However, the VAT refund rules and rates vary significantly from country to country and expense item.
What documents will you need?

After we sign a service and confidentiality agreement, we will give you access to our VaTAx Cloud application and run you through the simple process. If necessary, we will also send a team directly to your regional office to collect original invoices. If legislation requires that your invoices need to be formatted differently, we will contact your supplier or vendor and make sure the invoices are reformatted to the compliant format. We will research the particular requirements and complete the necessary forms in the various languages and complete the submission process based on the particular regulations until you reveive a VAT refund. 

How big is our network?

We recover VAT in over 30 countries. The VAT recliam process is implemented across all locations to ensure consistency and successful outcome every single time.

What is the extent of the cash recovery?
Depending on the country and type of VAT, statutes of limitations range between 12 months to 5 years. So we recover not only your recent charges but also potentially going back many years.
How long will it take?

From the point you give us the green light, we start immediately compiling and filing the necessary documents for your VAT refund. The entire recovery process can take between 2-6 months, depending on the country and its regulations. We will issue you progress reports and keep you up to date as we complete the process. You can also follow the progress via your personal encrypted web portal. You will have access to live interactive data.

Why use Global VaTax's management services?

VAT recovery is a complex process and requires a detailed understanding of the processes and requirements in each country, in its specific language. VAT rules vary from country to country.
The local tax authorities require that the application and the communication are done in their own language. Global VaTax makes it convenient for your company to collect its VAT refund and manage its VAT registration. We communicate with the local tax authorities, and we understand and have experience with their unique requirements and rules.

You will also have access to the VaTax Cloud encrypted private online portal where you can track progress, with live interactive data.
We have the necessary knowledge and experience to expedite your claims for prompt returns and maximize payments. We can also assist with efficiently structuring your organization’s financial and operational processes for ongoing VAT registrations and management.

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VAT Refund USA

VAT Refund

VAT Registration, Number & Management

Travel & Expenses

VAT refund on international Travel & Expenses.
VAT Refund

Aviation Recovery

Minimize tax costs for Aircraft and Operators.


Invoice correction, Recovery of wrongly charged VAT, and

Tours & Entertainment

VAT refund for international Tour operators and Entertainment professionals.

Corporate Expenditure

Corporate expenditure in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Canada.

Mineral Oil

Tax is levied on the purchase of Fuel, often as high as 30% of the charges.


Meetings, Conferences and Events, charged by suppliers in foreign countries.

Import VAT

VAT refund on an invoice from a freight forwarder, such as Federal Express or UPS.

What We Do

Drop Shipping

Purchasing of goods from a European vendor and then shipping them to European customers.

Telecom Services

Providing Telecom services to international companies or a contract where part of the services are done in Europe.

TV & Movie Production

TV and Motion Picture Production VAT charges in Europe.

Research & Development

VAT refund for Research and Development services from European vendors.

Fees & Marketing

VAT charged on Professional Fees and Marketing services from European vendors.

Inter-Company Expenses

VAT charged on Inter-Company invoices to US companies from its European subsidiaries and divisions.
VAT Refund

Global Contracts

Global Contracts for services to international customers or where part of the services are in Europe.

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