Global VaTax increases your bottom line with the fastest VAT Refund & Tax Recovery for International Business Expenses.

Global VaTax facilitates Tax recovery for companies incurring indirect taxes in foreign destinations, including VAT, GST, JCT and HST.

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VaTax Cloud focuses on streamlining the VAT recovery process through automated and interactive technology.



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A primary driver of our success is viewing each of our clients as partners and offering customized personal plans.

VAT & Tax recovery can be challenging and requires a detailed understanding of the complex processes and requirements in each international country, as well as proficiency in each language.

The Global VaTax group has the technology and experience to ensure the fastest and maximum VAT refund in the industry. We recover VAT in over 30 countries and have more than 30 years experience.

Global VaTax does not charge upfront fees of any sort. If you do not get a refund, we do not charge you anything. We only keep a percentage of your VAT reclaim.

We take pride in streamlining the tax recovery processes and maintaining our commitment to first class service.









Tax Recovery

Travel & Expenses

Company travel, conferences, and any provided business services, in countries other than your own, allow international Tax recovery. Global VaTax brings the entire process and all your data together in one place, so you can track and manage your VAT tax recovery.

Accounts Payable

VAT or Tax can be reclaimed on employee expenses throughout Europe, UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan. Expense types include legal fees, consulting fees and software licensing.
Tax Recovery

VaTax Cloud

VaTax Cloud offers state of the art technology which helps automate, sort and submit your Tax data. Each expense type is calculated according to its specific VAT rate, per country. Charts are fully interactive and updated in real-time.  

Consulting Services

Global VaTax offers invoice correction, recovery of incorrectly charged VAT, handling of all queries arising from tax authorities in every language, resubmission for tax recovery claims requiring supplementary information.

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